Our Community is in its early stages of development. We believe Christ has guided us thus far in our journey and will continue leading us further along the “Road of Happy Destiny.” Presently, we have several committed members, each in various stages of formation.


Brother Bill W. (Founder and Acting Guardian)
An Episcopal priest in recovery since 1972, Br. Bill has served as an addiction counselor, family therapist and director of several nationally recognized treatment centers. 


Brother Raphael B.
Br. Raphael is a native Texan, active in 12-Step recovery for over 40 years. Founder of more than twenty eye clinics, he pioneered refractive eye surgery in the United States.


Sister Sondra J.
Residing now in El Paso, Texas, Sr. Sondra has deep roots in her native Arkansas. She’s been active in 12-step recovery for nearly 20 years and has helped organize recovery retreats in New Mexico for over a decade.  


Brother Drew B.
Br. Drew...


Brother Joe B.
Br. Joe hails from Hartford, Connecticut, and is employed as the Executive Director of a non-profit group of recovery homes in Massachusetts. A man in long term recovery, he is a certified recovery coach, trainer, and facilitator.